Story of Hope:

A Shining Example of a Sponsorship Success Story!

Kevin sat on a thin mat on the dirt floor, cradled her cousin and softly sang about losing her parents to AIDS. Give Us Wings volunteer Allison sat next to Kevin and listened intently. As she looked around their one-room mud home, with no electricity and no running water, she asked Kevin about school. Kevin replied that she loved school but was forced out because they could not afford the school fees.

When Allison returned to the US, she and her family decided to sponsor Kevin’s education through Give Us Wings. Kevin has studied diligently since that time, 4 ½ years ago. Recently, Kevin wrote a letter to Allison with great news. Here is an excerpt:

“…thank you so much for the continuous support you have rendered to me since childhood up to today. I graduated on Nov. 11 at Uganda Christian University Mbale branch! I am now a holder of a Certificate in Child Ministry and Child Development. If not for you I would not have graduated
in my entire life. I would like to continue with the same courses in my diploma level. I love working with orphans and street children. I want to share the love I have been given by you and other people responsible for my life and education.”

We are so proud of Kevin, and we are so appreciative of Allison and her family. The effects of this sponsorship will be felt for years to come by many generations.
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