Grace Awasa and her husband, Vincent, have 9 children ranging in ages from 20 to 6 years old. She has a tailoring business, and Vincent has a small transportation business, which likely means that he provides short rides for people on his boda boda (motorcycle) for a small fee. They work very hard each day to provide for their family. They have used their Give Us Wings business loans and training wisely, and have seen an increase in their income.


Grace is a member of the Ngiyo Beri Women’s Group. Members try their best to share funds and resources and to care for each other. A few years ago, thanks to their hard work and GUW donors, the 32 women and their families moved out of the dangerous slums and  into 250 sq. foot brick homes, the Ngiyo Beri Women’s Estate. 

In 2016, Grace and Vincent’s family was enrolled in the Family to Family Sponsorship Program. Grace is a very active participant in the parent forums. Their youngest daughter, Angella was enrolled in Mama Junior School and is a start student in Primary 1 (first grade). She is succeeding academically and socially!