Give Us Wings was founded by a small group of people in the Twin Cities in 1999 after they learned of the thousands of families living in extreme poverty and struggling to survive in rural Kenya and Uganda. The people of Kenya and Uganda had few resources, but dreamed of building better lives for themselves. As a grassroots organization, Give Us Wings has been built with support from thousands of supporters. We have built an organization that is community-based and responsive to the needs of our partners – women, children and men. Give Us Wings provides services and training designed to help our partners build their capacity to lead and create opportunities to become self-sufficient and promote gender equity, social unity and resiliency.

Give Us Wings focuses on helping our partners improve their access to quality health care, education and economic opportunities. Throughout the years, we have helped our partners obtain training in organic farming, leadership, conflict resolution, tailoring, managing cooperatives and many other skills. Give Us Wings built a clinic, staff housing and a young women’s academy in Kenya. In Uganda, we have constructed and are supporting the operation of a clinic that serves over 18,000 people a year. Our Family to Family program provides support and educational opportunities for over 80 families.

Abeza 2011