Nyapendi Mary and her family are a part of the Lwenyi Gi Pinyi community group in Kayoro, Uganda. This group has the objective to encourage each other, “especially women to express their minds and have self-support.” Nyapendi Mary and her husband Akaye Godfrey are parents and grandparents, and they have a large household of 12 to provide for. They are farmers and sell rice, cassava, and groundnuts.

They also have 4 cows, 1 goat, and 20 chickens. Through the Give Us Wings’ Family to Family Sponsorship program, the youngest daughter Mary Gloria has been able to attend the prestigious boarding school, Mama Junior in Malaba, Uganda. She is now in primary 4 and is doing very well. The empowerment from the Lwenyi Gi Pinyi group, along with attending the Children’s Forums has helped develop Mary Gloria’s self-confidence. After campaigning for an election in her school she was voted to be a school leader. She has dreams of becoming an accountant when she finished school.