Give Us Wings addresses health care in eastern Uganda through its clinic, St. John's Kayoro Health Center II. The clinic provides affordable, quality health care to thousands of people each year.


Click on the video below to take a 10 minute tour of St. John's Kayoro Health Center and learn more about the incredible health services that are provided to the people in this area of Uganda. Guided by our Health Program Manager, Anthony Munene.

The hard-working people of Kayoro, Uganda did not have access to a clinic. People were frequently ill with a variety of diseases. However, they seldom received treatment because they could not afford bus fare to the hospital several miles away. People suffering from malaria could not access treatment, pregnant mothers did not receive prenatal care and when their babies were born there was no place to take them for well-baby checks and immunizations.

Several community-based organizations in Kayoro requested that Give Us Wings assist them in having a clinic built in their community. Give Us Wings partnered with St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, to raise the funds to build a clinic. St. John's Kayoro Health Center II opened its doors in 2011. Over the years it has expanded in size and in the types of services offered. Today, there is a maternity ward, staff housing, an inpatient ward, 24 hour care, electricity and running water. Clinic staff provide medical services to thousands of community members each year, including emergency care, prenatal care, immunizations, and treatment for common diseases such as malaria and diabetes.

In addition to their work on site, clinic staff bring basic health care to other rural areas that do not have access to a clinic. At health care outreaches, clinic staff offer services such as HIV/AIDS testing, family planning counseling, vitamin delivery, and various vaccinations, thereby expanding the impact of the clinic.

The health of the community is improving, but many more medical services are desperately needed. They have also expressed an interest in starting a child nutrition center to educate the community on the importance of nutritious foods and healthy lifestyles. This area of Uganda has a very high prevalence of sickle cell anemia. The clinic staff hopes to establish a Sickle Cell Anemia practice. They will screen people and identify those with the condition, provide treatment, and teach them how to manage their disease in order to improve their life expectancy.

There is much work to be done in Kayoro and the team at the St. John's Kayoro Health Center is ready to tackle the challenge of improving the health of the entire community. They need your help to expand and improve the medical services they provide to thousands of people each year.