Mary Frances Adikini has been a part of the Give Us Wings community for two decades. She was a very poor, illiterate, and vulnerable widow with six children. “I could hardly speak in public or even defend myself when in trouble. I faced a lot of harassment because I was a woman. I was not sure how to provide for my children.”

With the support of Give Us Wings, Mary Frances was able to take literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership classes to help her build confidence and improve her living conditions. In 2016 she was elected as the Chairperson of their 93-member cooperative. As a leader, she had mobilized many women’s groups in her community and beyond to join the cooperative. Mary Frances’ eldest son, Conrad, was able to complete his University education through GUW’s sponsorship program and now he helps his siblings attend school.

Mary Frances says now “I am an empowered woman. My children are getting educated, I have a gainful business, and community members love, respect, and believe in me…Thank you Give Us Wings!”