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Health Care

Access to a health clinic means a young mother can have her baby immunized to prevent him or her from becoming ill, and that the occurrence of malaria drops 253% in one year. This success is due to the public health initiatives by clinic staff.
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When girls thrive, a country thrives. Women are central to the health of families and communities. Each year of primary education that a girl receives lowers the rate of infant mortality and improves her earning capacity (up to 20%).
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Entrepreneurial and Livelihoods Development

Our program is designed to help end poverty, improve nutrition and food security and promote sustainable agriculture. Ultimately, ELD is designed to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth for our partners.
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This unique program employs a holistic approach. Families enrolled in this program and living in deep poverty in Uganda are able to provide a stable, healthy environment for their children. The whole family has access to resources related to parenting, health care and business, and one child per family attends a private school. Together, all members of the family work to build a sustainable future.

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Spring 2021 Edition

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Check out the latest news from Uganda and learn more about what your generosity is making possible.


Encourage, support and partner with people living in extreme poverty in Uganda as they transform their lives and become self-sufficient through greater access to quality health care, education and economic opportunities.

“Participating in the Family to Family program turned our focus in heart, mind, and body, outward from our family to the world beyond our doors.” — Jered W.J.

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Give Us Wings works with the poorest of the poor in forgotten villages in Kenya and Uganda. We are committed to providing the resources and support to empower people to overcome poverty and to become self-sufficient. Join us! We are making a big difference in the lives of many people and there are many ways you can be involved.

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