This is an opportunity for you to create a long-term and meaningful relationship with a family in Uganda while supporting a child’s education and the family's overall health and well-being. Your sponsorship makes it possible for one child from your partner Ugandan family to access educational excellence and for the whole family to have greater access to quality health and economic opportunities. Your partnership helps parents to provide a stable and healthy environment where their children can grow and thrive. 

Each sponsored child is enrolled in a supportive local private boarding school. Their family attends workshops on parenting, business, health, nutrition, and receive health insurance at Give Us Wings' health clinic, St. John's Kayoro Health Center. 


Your partnership will help the family to create a sustainable future!


When you decide to become a sponsor, you will be partnered with a Ugandan family. You will receive an introductory packet including:

  • A family photo with names of parents and family members
  • Name, age and grade level of the child you will be sponsoring
  • A description of where they live and details about how the parent(s) earn a living, including any special circumstances
  • A detailed sponsorship guide, including guidelines for writing to your partner family
  • Your sponsorship will be renewable every year. It is our hope that students and their families will be sponsored through the end secondary school.


  • Family-specific and community-wide detailed updates regarding education, health and economic status
  • Photos of the sponsored student and family
  • Sponsored student's academic progress
  • Personalized letters and/or drawings from the student and family


  • One child in a private school - tuition, room and board, school fees and all required scholastic materials and supplies.
  • Health Insurance for the family (up to 8 members) at St. John’s Kayoro Health Center
  • Parent Forums offering seminars and training on parenting, health, nutrition and business
  • Children's Forums & Community Involvement
  • Regular home visits from Give Us Wings Uganda staff
  • Access to business mentoring and small business loans through involvement with multipurpose business cooperative


Full Sponsor: $1,600/year. You'll be partnered with a family in Uganda.

Co-Sponsor: $800/year. You and another co-sponsor will share the sponsorship of a family in Uganda


It is our hope that students and their families will be sponsored through the end secondary school. We understand that your circumstances may change however, so we give you an opportunity to renew each year.


Make a Difference with Family to Family Sponsorship

“I am very excited for my child to be among the lucky children to get sponsorship. The letter means a lot to me—that the sponsor writes to us means that she really loves us.”

Sponsored children planting tree seedlings at a local school to provide shade and fruit, while also learning about climate change and the importance of caring for the earth.

Community Involvement:

Community Involvement for sponsored children is part of the Children's Forums and is a key element of Give Us Wings’ Family to Family model. Research tells us that this type of activity among young children (ages 5-14) promotes a healthy life-style and choices, enhances psychological, social and intellectual development (e.g. self-esteem, interest in learning, moral reasoning); it also helps with life skills necessary for a productive adulthood (e.g. responsibility for task completion, reliability, getting along with others); it encourages a life-long service ethic and improves the community. Volunteering is a perfect way for children to be welcomed as productive, active and valuable members of their community. Moreover, a benefit of volunteering as a group is that the members motivate each other. So, much like their parents’ groups, the children are now part of a group who will support and motivate each other with schoolwork and volunteer activities.

Children's Forums take place at least two times each year.

"Our sponsorship of Joseph has been an education about the world, opportunity and love. We have learned so much about giving, patience and strength through our relationship with Joseph and his family."