In 2016, Oburu Charles was an 8-yr-old boy living in a remote village of Kayoro, Uganda with his grandmother. He attended an under-facilitated public school, but because of an absence of food, Oburu would sometimes skip school to look for fruit along the way. Oburu is an orphan with clear physical evidence of stunted growth, hardly smiling or talking. His grandmother is living with HIV/AIDs.

Oburu had a tough time in school, saw no future for himself, was shy and bullied, had no confidence, and was completely disengaged. He was chosen as a sponsor child in 2015 has been since been called the “Miracle Child” by his teachers!

He now runs and plays with his friends, loves school and his teachers, and shows normal developmental progress. He has goals of becoming a teacher and performs well at Mama Junior Primary. He is in the boarding section along with other sponsored students where he is well-fed and cared for. These days, Oburu never misses a day of classes! He loves visiting his grandmother during holiday breaks.