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In this issue:

-Connecting in Uganda
-Empowered Children Giving Back
-Vision Restored
-New Maternity Ward
-Summer Soiree & Bike Ride Successes
-Remembering Don
-Grand Canyon Rim to Rim for Give Us Wings
-Upcoming Events

Connecting in Uganda

Two incredible volunteer trips to Uganda took place this past summer! The first group included six members of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church from Saint Paul; the second group was comprised of nine people– some long-time Give Us Wings volunteers, staff and a few new faces! Both trips were filled with activity, learning and connection. Together the groups brought over about 12 suitcases filled with hundreds of pounds of donated supplies (vitamins, pain relief, mama-kits, sanitary pads, exam gloves, masks) for the health center, collected from generous donors in the US. Both groups worked hard to be of service where they could.
They participated in medical and educational outreaches, strategic planning meetings, parent forums, children’s service activities, community meetings, and together they helped build dish racks, and distributed mattresses, mosquito nets, as well as reading glasses through Restoring Vision, and feminine hygiene kits to girls from Days for Girls, and so much more. Each volunteer spent a “day in the life” with a Ugandan family. They all came away with a new and deeper understanding of daily life for people living in deep poverty in rural Uganda. This means no electricity, no running water, and limited access to proper sanitation and nutrition. Volunteers had the opportunity to witness how hard families work to survive and give their children a better life, and the wonderful ways in which Give Us Wings has been successful thanks to generous donors… as well as witness to the work still left to be done. The staff, Board members and volunteers at Give Us Wings Uganda worked tirelessly and skillfully during both trips to make the volunteers from the US feel welcome and useful. Thank you to them, and to all of the travelers.
Another trip is being planned for early March 2018! Please check out the page on our website for information on application and payment details, and let us know if you are interested. ​

Empowered Children Giving Back

The children who are part of Give Us Wings’ Family to Family Program send their greetings and heartfelt thanks to their sponsors and all of the Give Us Wings donors. They are healthier than ever and overall are learning at an incredible rate. They are also giving back to their community.

During one of the volunteer trips this August, the children gathered to clean up the trash in a local market place. Equipped with gloves and tools and supervision, they took turns sweeping, cutting down brush, picking up trash and helping to dig a rubbish pit. It was a dirty, hot job, but each child participated with great enthusiasm. They were also pleased to see Give Us Wings staff and volunteers working right alongside them.

Afterwards they gathered together, and under the direction of Christine Anyango, Give Us Wings Uganda Family to Family Manager, the children discussed the reasons behind their activity. “To help prevent the spread of germs and disease!’, they answered. “To help the market get ready to be open tomorrow, so the flies won’t get all over the food.” “To help our neighbors!” The children then enjoyed lunch, followed by games of soccer and frisbee with some of the volunteers. Give Us Wings Family to Family Program is much more than just books and school fees. To learn more and to become a sponsor please visit our website. There are many children and families waiting for a partner family from the US.

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