Message from our new Executive Director

Dear Donors and Friends,

As the new Executive Director of Give Us Wings, it’s my pleasure to present this report on our activities in 2021. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore the great activities that you helped make possible with our partners in Uganda. I’m honored to be a part of this work and excited to see what we can do in the future.

While the challenges of the pandemic continued in 2021, the organization remained flexible and continued providing services to people in need. Of particular note is the growing number of people receiving care at St. John‘s Kayoro Health Center. Thanks to our hardworking clinic staff, more and more community members are proactively seeking health treatment and reaping the benefits of outreach programs concerning nutrition, testing, and family planning. We’re also very happy for the Kirinya Beemasters Cooperative and the great strides they’ve made in their income generating efforts. And our flagship Family to Family sponsorship program continues to change the lives of children and families in the Tororo area. You can read more about all these programs in the report!

So what does the future hold for Give Us Wings? Your generous financial support last year got us back on track after an inevitably troubled 2020. Our organization is on solid ground and providing needed support to our Ugandan partners, even as costs rise and global uncertainties remain.

My personal goals in the next few months are:

  • To raise the money to provide the 373 Kirinya Beemasters Co-op members with one professional hive each, thereby greatly increasing their production ability.
  • To increase the number of Family to Family sponsorships by 10% in the coming year. We have seen the proven success of this program and I am eager to expand our reach to more of the many families in need.
  • To increase awareness in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Give Us Wings and its impactful programs in Uganda. More people need to know what we are doing!
  • To end the 2022 fiscal year with a surplus that can be invested for future projects.

We can accomplish all this because of donors like you. I recognize that there are many wonderful charitable causes to support and I sincerely thank you for partnering with Give Us Wings. Together we are helping people in rural Uganda live with dignity and hope.

I am very eager to get to know all of our stakeholders. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at at any time. Have a wonderful summer!

With thanks and best wishes,

Peter Carlson
Executive Director